About Us - Stained Minds History

About Us - Stained Minds History

Welcome to Stained Minds - Where Fashion Meets Legacy. Our History is a Tapestry Woven with Passion, Creativity, and the Spirit of Urban Elegance. From Humble Beginnings to a Collective of Distinctive Designs, Every Thread Tells a Story. Join Us on a Journey Through Time, Where Stained Minds History Evolves with Style, Redefining Fashion Every Step of the Way.

About Stained Minds Clothing

Born from the Vision of Eccentric Minds

Founded in May 2007, Stained Minds Clothing is the brainchild of Jacarri Gilmore, also known as Mr. Stained. Collaborating with college colleague Jarvis Taylor, aka The Stained Pen, the brand was conceived to cater to the unique mindset of the eccentric thinker.

Mr. Stained, driven by a passion for unconventional thinking, envisioned a line that transcended the norms of fashion. Stained Minds is a celebration of those who think outside the box, rejecting conformity, and embracing the beauty of individuality.

Are you ready to showcase a mind that's truly stained? Join us on a journey where fashion meets the essence of eccentricity, and every thread is a testament to the power of unconventional thinking. Stained Minds Clothing - Because true style is born from minds that dare to be different.

  • "I'd rather be Stained..."

    - Mr. Stained

  • "Stained Minds DO NOT think alike"

    - The Stained Pen

  • "In Stains We Trust"

    - Mr. Stained

  • "The Stained Revolution will be televised"

    - Mr. Stained

  • "A Stained Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste"

    -The Stained Pen

  • "Stain Your Mind"

    - Mr. Stained