The Stained Mind Builder

The Stained Mind Builder

Explore The Stained Mind Builder - A Collection of Intriguing Stained Brain Facts. Immerse Yourself in a World of Curiosity and Urban Intellect. Each Fact a Thread, Weaving a Tapestry of Insights, Elevating Your Mind as You Elevate Your Style. Uncover the Fascination, Dive into the Stained Mind Builder.
  • Brain Control

    Are we really in control? 95% of your decisions take place in your subconscious mind.

  • Brain Shrink

    Ninety minutes of sweating can temporarily shrink the brain as much as one year of aging.

  • Brain Double

    The brain in your head is not your only brain. There is a "second brain" in your intestines that contains 100 million neurons.

  • Brain Pain

    Although pain is processed in the brain, it has no pain receptors and feels no pain. Brain surgery can be performed while the patient is awake with no pain or discomfort.

  • Brain Map

    Relying on GPS to navigate destroys your natural sense of direction, a skill that took our ancestors thousands of years to develop.

  • Brain Cross

    Your brain is cross wired. The left side controls muscles on the right side of your body. The right side controls the muscles on your left.